Pulitzer on the Road

Pulitzer on the Road Radio Series
Pulitzer on the Road is a new series featuring insightful conversations with prize-winning authors and journalists who share the stories behind their prize-winning work. The show is now available for radio.

About Us

Pulitzer on the Road is a public outreach initiative celebrating the work of Pulitzer Prize winners with audiences across the country. Join us for live events, and subscribe to the Pulitzer on the Road Podcast.

Podcast Episodes

Podcast: Barbara Kingsolver in Appalachia
In this podcast episode, we travel to southern Virginia for a conversation with 2023 Fiction winner Barbara Kingsolver, who talks about her writing life, her farm life, and her prize winning novel, Demon Copperhead.
Podcast: Caitlin Dickerson at the Border
This week, the Pulitzer on the Road Podcast heads to El Paso, to revisit where 2023 Explanatory Reporting winner Caitlin Dickerson spent much of her time reporting on family separations at the border. She’s joined by Ginger Thompson, Pulitzer Board member and chief of correspondents for ProPublica.
Podcast: Jefferson Cowie in Eufaula, Alabama
In this episode of the Pulitzer on the Road Podcast, 2023 History winner Jefferson Cowie takes us to Eufaula, Alabama to talk through his Pulitzer-winning book, “Freedom’s Dominion: A Saga of White Resistance to Federal Power.”
Podcast: Mstyslav Chernov on Mariupol
Mstyslav Chernov and two other Associated Press journalists arrived in Mariupol hours before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, becoming the only international journalists to remain in the city during its siege. Their reporting allowed the world to see horrors that otherwise would not have been captured. Chernov and his colleagues’ coverage of Mariupol, along with other stories documenting the Russian invasion of Ukraine, won The Associated Press the 2023 Public Service Prize.
Podcast: AL.com in Brookside, Alabama
In the first episode of the Pulitzer on the Road Podcast, we head to Brookside, Alabama, where 2023 Local Reporting winners John Archibald and Ashley Remkus revisit their reporting about police corruption in this small municipality. They’re joined by Pulitzer Board Co-Chair Neil Brown of the Poynter Institute.