America is at the Library—Not Just the Ballot Box

Hosted by the Mellon Foundation

Voters soon head to the polls for one of the country’s vital exercises in civic engagement: an election. But the ballot box is just one place to participate in democracy in action—the full potential of civic life occurs daily at your local public library. And unlike the vote, the library is open to all.

At the library today, you can participate in citywide reading programs, take citizenship and language classes, register to vote, and research your genealogy and heritage in local archives. No longer relegated to the reference desk, library workers are on the front lines of some of our most pressing social justice issues.

As we mark National Arts and Humanities Month in October, join us to envision the full potential of public libraries and hear from people meeting the challenges facing the field—and the country—today. This livestream event features Pulitzer Prize Board member and Mellon Foundation President Dr. Elizabeth Alexander, American Library Association Executive Director Tracie D. Hall, and Los Angeles Public Library’s City Librarian, John F. Szabo, in discussion about where we can all come together: our nation’s libraries.

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The free livestream will be held on Thursday, October 27 at 4:00 p.m. EDT. Attendees must register here.