The Art of Feature Writing with Jacqui Banazynski

Hosted by the Northwest Science Association

Pulitzer-winning feature reporter Jacqui Banazynski will take part in a panel on feature writing in Seattle on Nov. 28. The panel will feature a diverse set of writers, including New York Times Magazine contributor Brooke Jarvis, and National Geographic contributor Craig Welch. 

Jacqui Banazynski won the Prize in 1988 for her feature reporting on the life and death of a person with AIDS living in in a rural community while working at St. Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch. Since then, Banazynski has worked at the Seattle Times and been a visiting professor at the University of Missouri. The panel will focus on the challenges of feature writing and each panelist's respective experiences. 

The panel will take place at the Northwest Science Writers Association, an organization that seeks to bring together science writers and creatives. 

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