Book Chat with Nick Ut: 'From Hell to Hollywood'

Hosted by AP Images

Watch author Hal Buell and AP photographer and 1973 Pulitzer Prize winner in Spot News Photography Nick Ut discuss their new book, photojournalism and more! Q&A to follow.

“From Hell to Hollywood: The Incredible Journey of AP Photographer Nick Ut” chronicles the lifelong adventure of the Prize-winning photographer, including his teenage years in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, his time working at AP’s Saigon bureau and his eventual role covering celebrities and daily life in Los Angeles.

It features more than 200 gripping photos made during his 51 years with AP.

“With this project, we set out to share the entirety of Nick Ut’s personal life and career at The Associated Press,” said AP Director of Programming Peter Costanzo. “Nick’s path is an inspirational tale of achievement against all odds, driven by his passion for photography and a desire to live life to the fullest.”

—from the event website and the AP press release on "From Hell to Hollywood."