An Evening with Sonia Nazario

Hosted by Humanities Kansas
Sonia Nazario

Humanities Kansas will be hosting Kansas native Sonia Nazario for an evening event, "Telling Readers the Truth Means Being an Advocate, Too," as a part of its Latino Stories of Kansas/Historias Latinas de Kansas initiative. 

Nazario won the 2003 prize in feature writing for her groundbreaking work titled "Enrique's Journey," a series published in the Los Angeles Times. "Enrique's Journey" follows the journey of a teenage boy from Honduras who traveled on his own to find his mother in the U.S., and exposes the difficulties of Central American children who attempt to immigrate. Nazario published a widely-received book expanding on this series in 2006 with the same name. She is currently working on a second book and continues to be interested in the issue of immigration in the U.S.

The event is part of Humanities Kansas' "Think & Drink" event which combines community discussion with drinks and snacks. 

To learn more about the event, click here.