Norman Saul presents on William Allen White and the Russian Revolution

Hosted by Harper Public Library in Harper, KS
William Allen White/Norman Saul

William Allen White is best known as an outspoken newspaper editor during the first half of the 20th century. His down-to-earth descriptions of the social and political issues in the pages of the Emporia Gazette brought Kansas into the national spotlight and helped shape public perceptions of the world.

Less known is White’s personal involvement in the global issues of the day, especially the major wars and revolutions. For instance, as a representative of the American Red Cross, he went to Europe in 1917 to view the Western Front and welcome the first of the American soldiers.

This presentation will explore White’s surprising interest in Russia and his diplomatic appointment to the Paris peace conference and how one Kansas editor’s search for the common good won national approval. This is part of our Pulitzer Prize Centennial project.

Speaker Norman Saul is a historian who specializes in Russian history, international relations, and Mennonites and Volga Germans from Russia in Kansas.