'Sweat' Takes the Stage in Seattle

Performed at A Contemporary Theatre
Still from New York production of Sweat.
'Sweat,' performed above at New York City's Martinson Theater, is on stage in Seattle from March 20, 2020 to April 12, 2020 (Joan Marcus).

Lynn Nottage's "Sweat" opens the 2020 season at A Contemporary Theatre in Seattle. This play has been described by The New Yorker as "The first theatrical landmark of the Trump Era" and captures contemporary anxieties with poignency and passion.

"Sweat" won the 2017 Prize in Drama for its nuanced depiction of hardship facing factory workers who continue to strive for the American dream. A Contemporary Theatre's wrenching plot summary is as follows: "A group of friends have spent their lives sharing drinks, secrets, and laughs while working together on the factory floor. But when picket lines chip away at their trust, and union jobs and factory machinery can disappear overnight, the friends find themselves pitted against each other in a gut-wrenching fight to stay afloat."

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