Podcast: Caitlin Dickerson at the Border

A transcript of the episode is available here.


“As soon as family separations came onto my radar, and I had evidence that even just a handful of families had been separated from one another, I started to do what investigative reporters do. I started to file FOIA requests. I started to organize my notes, keep lists of important names of sources and figures who were involved, because I think I knew, very early on, that I was going to be spending a long time on this story.”

Caitlin Dickerson won the 2023 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting, but her 30,000 word piece for The Atlantic on family separations at the border also is a masterclass in investigative reporting. Dickerson’s dogged efforts to push back against the denials from government officials that family separations were happening was challenging on many levels. In this episode of the podcast, Dickerson describes how, despite proof from her and other journalists, officials’ rhetoric that the press was not to be trusted added another layer of complexity to the reporting and undermined the public’s trust.


Watch an interview with Caitlin Dickerson and 2023 Winner for Local Reporting John Archibald of AL.com in Phoenix, Arizona, at Arizona State University. Both reporters participated on stage at a live event to launch the Pulitzer on the Road Podcast on March 25, 2024.

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